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Fighting the Good Fight: DevOps at Raytheon

Alanna Brown, 3 hours, 49 minutes | Source: Puppet Labs

What does it take to change the culture at a decades-old company in a highly conservative and risk-averse industry? Terri Potts, Engineering Fellow at Raytheon, a major American defense contractor, explains all in her upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit talk, “Leading the horse to water, and enticing him drink: A DevOps Success Story.”

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Can't Make it to PuppetConf in Person? Watch the Live Stream

michelle, 2 days, 4 hours | Source: Puppet Labs

We wish the entire Puppet community could be at PuppetConf, but realize space would be a little tight in the hallways of the Marriott Marquis. So we're excited to offer live streaming of all of the keynotes and 12 additional track sessions!

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Featured Community Member: Erik Dalén

Ken Barber, 2 days, 23 hours | Source: Puppet Labs

We'd like to honor Erik Dalén, system engineer at Spotify, as our featured community member for his myriad contributions.

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Git: A Tool for Learning Puppet

Tiffany Longworth, 4 days, 3 hours | Source: Puppet Labs

You need a few Linux-ey tools to learn Puppet. Here's a fun tutorial for Git, a widely used version control system that lets you track changes and share your work with others.

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Anonymous, 1 week | Source: david.log

Conference Ahoi!

Finally, I've managed to sign up to a conference again. I'll be going to DevOpsDays Ghent on 27th and 28th of October. I'm already excited to see you all there!

I'll be flying in on Sunday evening from Vienna to Brussels and probably take the train to Ghent. Contact me if you want to link up somewhere along the way!

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Puppet Certified Professional 2014 Exam

Dean Wilson (, 1 week, 1 day | Source: Dean Wilson@UnixDaemon

A little while ago in a twitter conversation, many hops away a few of us discussed the Puppet Certified Professional exam and topic coverage. Specifically how much of it was focused on Puppet Enterprise (PE) and if it would either dissuade users of purely FOSS Puppet or heavily impact their chance of passing if they'd never used PE.

While I stand by my views I began to worry that my knowledge of the syllabus was only based on hearsay, the practice exam questions and that I was being overly harsh and possibly spreading misinformation through my own ignorance. So ...

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Introducing: Oh My Vagrant!

jamesjustjames, 2 weeks, 1 day | Source: The Technical Blog of James

If you’re a reader of my code or of this blog, it’s no secret that I hack on a lot of puppet and vagrant. Recently I’ve fooled around with a bit of docker, too. I realized that the vagrant, environments I built for puppet-gluster and puppet-ipa needed to be generalized, and they needed new features too. Therefore…

Introducing: Oh My Vagrant!

Oh My Vagrant is an attempt to provide an easy to use development environment so that you can be up and hacking quickly, and focusing on the real devops problems. The README explains my choice of ...

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Rough data density calculations

jamesjustjames, 3 weeks, 2 days | Source: The Technical Blog of James

Seagate has just publicly announced 8TB HDD’s in a 3.5″ form factor. I decided to do some rough calculations to understand the density a bit better…

Note: I have decided to ignore the distinction between Terabytes (TB) and Tebibytes (TiB), since I always work in base 2, but I hate the -bi naming conventions. Seagate is most likely announcing an 8TB HDD, which is actually smaller than a true 8TiB drive. If you don’t know the difference it’s worth learning.

Rack Unit Density:

Supermicro sells a high density, double-sided 4U server, which can hold 90 ...

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Purging ssh_authorized_keys with Puppet

blkperl, 3 weeks, 5 days | Source: Puppet a day

Purging SSH authorized keys used to be the number one top-voted ticket in the Puppet issue tracker. A community member Felix Frank has solved the issue by adding a purge_ssh_keys parameter to the User resource. The change was merged into the master branch in March 2014 and was released in Puppet 3.6.0 and with some additional bug fixes in Puppet 3.6.2.

Let’s take at the look at the code to enable this feature. Here we have a user resource for the root user. All we need to do is set the purge_ssh_keys attribute to true ...

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puppet-lint 1.0.0

Anonymous, 1 month | Source: Tim Sharpe

It's been a long time coming but I'm happy to announce the release of puppet-lint 1.0.0!

Along with a bunch of bugfixes and a rewrite of most of the code, there's some (hopefully) exciting new features in this release.

Automatic fixing of errors

Previewed in the 0.4.0 pre-release, simple problems can now be automatically fixed by puppet-lint (some problems require complex refactoring and so puppet-lint won't attempt anything on your behalf).

In 1.0.0, problems detected by the following checks can be automatically fixed by running puppet-lint with --fix:

  • slash_comments
  • star_comments ...

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Anonymous, 1 month, 1 week | Source: david.log

This week's summary

Spent much time at customer's so not much time for real-time updates. Here's a short summary.

  • opentsdb-collectd-writer: write to opentsdb from collectd.
  • I've also created a Grafana dashboard for this metric scheme, but that is quite limited as it cannot filter by tags, so there's some work left on the presentability front.
  • Upgraded to owncloud 7 and 7.0.1. It still works. Server-to-server sharing is nice too, but falls on it's face with a share of 1300 files. Also found the owncloud command line. Now I can (almost) convert between ...

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Anonymous, 1 month, 2 weeks | Source: david.log

Extending Puppet

[Disclaimer I: I received a free copy of the book for the promise of writing a review.] [Disclaimer II: I'm mentioned twice in the book.]

A few weeks ago, Alessandro asked me to publish a review of his book "Extending Puppet". After a bit of waiting until the publisher could provide me with access to the eBook, I could finally finish it up this weekend.

"Extending Puppet" is a comprehensive overview of the modern puppet landscape. From explaining the basics of Puppet syntax over discussing migration to Puppet to development of the enterprise puppet infrastructure to deployment ...

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Anonymous, 1 month, 2 weeks | Source: david.log

Tiny Puppet Experiments

Tiny puppet is a new idea by Alessandro Franceschi to provide a simple skeleton for basic puppet modules. The intention is to provide a Proper Opinion on core parameters. Alessandro talked to me about how there is still no totally satisfying solution to defining the module data in TP.

Today I'll take a look at doing so.

Start with activating travis support. And immediately upgrading all gems. Now actually only a single spec fails. Progress! This seems to be exactly the core problem Alessandro's been talking about.

To get a broader view on the problem ...

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Hybrid management of FreeIPA types with Puppet

jamesjustjames, 1 month, 3 weeks | Source: The Technical Blog of James

(Note: this hybrid management technique is being demonstrated in the puppet-ipa module for FreeIPA, but the idea could be used for other modules and scenarios too. See below for some use cases…)

The error message that puppet hackers are probably most familiar is:

Error: Duplicate declaration: Thing[/foo/bar] is already declared in file /tmp/baz.pp:2; 
cannot redeclare at /tmp/baz.pp:4 on node

Typically this means that there is either a bug in your code, or someone has defined something more than once. As annoying as this might be, a compile error happens ...

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From shell to Puppet

Daenney, 2 months | Source: Puppet a day

It comes up every now and then in #puppet on IRC. Someone comes in, usually fairly new to Puppet, and pastes the link to a Gist with a manifest they’re having trouble with.

When you click on that link and look at it you’re usually greeted by Puppet code trying to replicate a shell script. Everything is ordered, notify/subscribes aren’t used and a ton of exec’s are in place that take care of restarting the managed services every single time.

The problem here is two-fold; people generally don’t bother to read the documentation or ...

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Learning Puppet at the Puppet Pizza Place part 2

Anonymous, 2 months, 3 weeks | Source: People & Software

#Learning Puppet at the Puppet Pizza Place In this set of blog posts, I will teach you the base concepts of the [puppet DSL]( Most of the time Puppet is taught within the context of IT configuration management. I've chosen not to do so. I've chosen baking pizza's as the learning environment. It helps less technical people, like IT managers, for example, to get the concepts of Puppet. Checkout part 1 of the series [here](/2014/06/26/pietros-puppet-pizza-place-1/)) ## More pizza's.... Last time Pietro experimentented with Miss Piggy the pizaa backing robot ...

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Extending Puppet

Anonymous, 2 months, 3 weeks | Source: Example 42

Last November I was contacted by Llewellyn Rozario, Acquisition Editor from Packt Publishing, asking me to write a book about Puppet.

That has been an unexpected and welcomed surprise, I’ve never written a book and hardly considered the opportunity to write one, but the idea seemed too much appealing to be dismissed.

The editor requested a book about how to extend Puppet functionalities with Ruby code, but in my own opinion there where some more interesting topics to talk about.

I proposed a completely revised table of contents and a different title.

I wanted to write about all the ...

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Learning Puppet at the Puppet Pizza Place

Anonymous, 2 months, 3 weeks | Source: People & Software

#Learning Puppet at the Puppet Pizza Place In this set of blog posts, I will teach you the base concepts of the [puppet DSL]( Most of the time Puppet is taught within the context of IT configuration management. I've chosen not to do so. I've chosen baking pizza's as the learning environment. It helps less technical people, like IT managers, for example, to get the concepts of Puppet. ## Pietro's Puppet Pizza Place Pietro was worn out. He'd had a very busy day at his pizza place. Business was going well. Too ...

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Rethinking modules - Part 2

Anonymous, 2 months, 4 weeks | Source: Example 42

In the first part of this blog series I expressed my opinions about these points:

  • The general reusability features a component module should have
  • The difference between component and higher abstraction modules
  • What are the challenges we have to face when we want to make reusable higher abstraction modules

I also underlined two fundamental issues that I think are still open in the Puppet modules ecosystem:

  • Patterns to extend reusability of higher abstraction layer modules
  • Standardization in the component application modules

Some preliminary exploration on the first topic has been expressed in Part 1. There’s much more to do ...

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Tackling Windows with Puppet!!

Choon Ming Goh, 3 months | Source: OlinData

And I'm back!! It has been a long 3 months for me. For those who is not aware, I've been in the UAE working on-site for a client project. It is a very challenging project for a *nix Systems Administrator like me because the project was to automate a large number of Windows applications for a client. Windows! The first thing that came into my mind was the horror of using Windows but at the same time I'm rather excited because it is an uncharted domain for both me and OlinData as we've never work with ...

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