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Minecraft module for Puppet

rnelson0, 13 hours, 45 minutes | Source: RNELSON0

At PuppetConf, I had the pleasure of meeting Bren Briggs, who I knew from twitter and IRC, so I was pretty happy when he asked me if I wanted to work on a Minecraft module with him. Of course we’re busy with life and work and the holidays, so we haven’t started yet, but we’re […]

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#Puppetinabox moving to v4 in 2016

rnelson0, 14 hours, 7 minutes | Source: RNELSON0

I recently used Travis CI to help me get all my puppet modules and my controlrepo ready for Puppet v4. I have one dependent module (ajjahn/dchp) that needs a few polishing touches (issue #7) and then I plan to start moving PuppetInABox to version 4 as well. There are many moving parts but I would […]

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Introducing the Deprecate function

Dean Wilson (, 3 days, 21 hours | Source: Dean Wilson@UnixDaemon

A fair while ago I wrote a Deprecation Warnings From Puppet Resources blog post and metaparameter for adding expiry information to your manifests -

  file { '/ec/cron.d/remove_foos':
    ensure      => 'file',
    source      => 'puppet:///modules/foo/foo.cron',
    # our custom metaparameter
    deprecation => '20130425:Release 6 removes the need for the foo cronjob',

We were happy users of this for a while but it had a high cost, we had to maintain our own puppet fork due to puppet being unable to load metaparams from modules. In the new world of Puppet 4 and all in one packages, and the lack of any ...

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Puppet validate_json_schema function

Dean Wilson (, 3 days, 23 hours | Source: Dean Wilson@UnixDaemon

A few projects ago we had a JSON app with quite a fiddly config file that was undergoing rapid iteration. Although we never deployed an invalid JSON config we hit a couple of snags with config files that didn’t quite match up to the applications expectations. A proposed solution was to produce a JSON Schema document we could use in both integration tests and to ensure the JSON we generated in Puppet was both well formed and, more importantly, valid for that version of the application.

Now I’ve had a little bit of spare time I decided to ...

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The Joy of Snow and Seasons

rnelson0, 1 week | Source: RNELSON0

I love the changes the seasons bring. The warmth and rebirth of spring, the long days and sunshine of summer, the cooling temperatures and changing leaves of fall, and the snow and shorter daylight of winter. In particular, I really, really love the snow. I love watching it snow, I love the dogs playing in […]

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Modern rspec-puppet practices

rnelson0, 1 week | Source: RNELSON0

I’ve written a bit about rspec-puppet in the past (directly here, here, and here, and indirectly here and here). The state of rspec-puppet has changed over the past year and change, though. Let’s see if we can collect the current practices in one place. First, there’s a better way to deploy rspec-puppet than I wrote […]

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example42 @ #cfgmgmtcamp

Anonymous, 1 week | Source: Example 42

The Config Management Camp has quickly become a conference of reference for who works around it automation and systems management. Ansible, CFEngine, Chef, Foreman, Juju, Puppet, Salt… communities reunite, share, discuss and confront tools, methodologies, approaches and evolution of configuration management. The next edition is the 1st and 2nd of February 2016, in Gent, Belgium, right after, and near, the Fosdem days. Registration is open, the event is free and tickets are quickly going away (book only if you really plan to come, there’ll be people in waitlist). Example42 is a proud sponsor of such a wonderful event. We ...

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Deliver on DevOps with Puppet Application Orchestration - Webinar Q&A

Stephanie Stouck, 1 week | Source: Puppet Labs

We’ve compiled a list of some key questions from our Deliver on DevOps with Puppet Application Orchestration webinar.

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Five Aces: The DevOps Leadership Series in Boston

Derek Weeks, 1 week | Source: Puppet Labs

Links to DevOpsDays videos from Beno Chapman, Anthony Spring, Jeremiah Sullivan, James Meickle and Jennifer Davis.

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Tiny Puppet 1.0

Anonymous, 1 week, 6 days | Source: Example 42

So Tiny Puppet 1.0 is out with a dedicated website and some collateral repos: The tinydata module, where is defined all the application data used by tp defines. The Tiny Puppet Playground, a Vagrant environment where to play and experiment with tp The derived tp-acceptance Vagrant environment, where tests are done and summarized in this compatibility matrix Tiny Puppet [install|conf|dir|test|...] defines work only with Puppet 4, for older versions use the alternatives with 3 suffix. For example: tp::install # Optimized for Puppet 4 or Puppet 3 with future parser enabled tp::install3 # Backwards compatible versions. Work ...

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Our 2015 DevOps Salary Report Shows What IT Professionals Make Now

Kristina Weis, 1 week, 6 days | Source: Puppet Labs

How does an IT professional's job title (DevOps Engineer, System Administrator, Architect, etc.), location, industry, hours worked & gender affect their salary?

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NetScaler automation with Puppet (slides)

Hendricus Kramer, 2 weeks, 2 days | Source: Puppet Blog

At the E2Evc we gave a presentation about NetScaler automation with Puppet Enterprise.

Download our slidedeck: NetScaler automation with Puppet Enterprise

Here’s the Puppet demo from the presentation

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Configure Netscaler using Puppet Device

Hendricus Kramer, 2 weeks, 2 days | Source: Puppet Blog

This Blog is about using Puppet device to configure your Netscaler.

We (Esther Barthel and Hendricus Kramer) gave a session about this topic at the E2E virtualiation conference in Lisbon Portugal.
I will post the recorded movie as soon as it’s available for those who couldn’t be there.

What does Puppet Device do?

With Puppet Device you can manage (network) devices, like Cisco, Juniper and F5 network devices.
When you have a Citrix Netscaler (version 10.5+), you can use Puppet Device to configure your NetScaler.

You prepare the config on your Puppet Master and Puppet Device will ...

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Reduce Configuration Drift in Your Azure Infrastructure

Stephanie Stouck, 2 weeks, 5 days | Source: Puppet Labs

A preview of the upcoming new module for managing Microsoft Azure infrastructure with Puppet.

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First steps for the Puppet Guide - 42 slides for Puppet beginners

Anonymous, 1 month | Source: Example 42

A few weeks ago we announced The [DevOps] Guide to Puppet, Universe and Everything. It is an holistic, Open Source, documentation project composed of: A book about Puppet and DevOps practices A set of commented sample code architectures A modular slides deck A practical Puppet Universal Reference We have launched an IndieGogo campaign about it, which actually is proceeding in quite a miserable way, but that won’t stop us from trying to deliver quality material for who wants to learn and use Puppet. This first output of the guide is here now: a set of 42 slides for Puppet ...

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Preparing for Tiny Puppet 1.0

Anonymous, 1 month | Source: Example 42

Tiny Puppet is a Puppet module that abstracts application management. It provides a set of Puppet defined types to manage installation and configuration of potentially any application on any Operating System (tp::install, tp::conf, tp::dir… ). When Tiny Puppet was released Puppet 4 was still not available, so all its code is compatible with Puppet 3 (and actually also with Puppet 4 and Puppet 2). Yet the power of the future parser is undeniable so we started to make some Puppet 4 only versions of the main tp defines, adding a 4 suffix to them (tp::install4, tp::conf4 ...

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Simple Puppet Module Testing with Dockunit

Dean Wilson (, 1 month, 1 week | Source: Dean Wilson@UnixDaemon

I’ve recently begun to look at replacing as much of my custom puppet tooling as possible with third-party, open source, code. As part of this I’m planning to update my old libvirt testing infrastructure with more modern tools, and this seems to be leading me heavily down the docker path.

One of the simpler, but less known, solutions in this space seems to be Dockunit, which bills itself as “Containerized unit testing across any platform and programming language” and is remarkably simple to get started with. I decided to try it on a Fedora host and use it ...

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puppet snmp module 3.5.0

Michael Arnold, 1 month, 2 weeks | Source: The Razor's Edge

Today, I have released a minor update to my Puppet module for Net-SNMP to the Puppet Forge. Included are some fixes from community members: Add the ability pass multiple networks for the community string (Rodrigo Menezes). This now allows for more than one rocommunity line in the config. Quote snmpv3 passphrases to cope with weird […]

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puppet network module 3.6.0

Michael Arnold, 1 month, 3 weeks | Source: The Razor's Edge

Today, I have released a minor update to my Red Hat network Puppet module to the Puppet Forge.  Numerous pull requests were merged including: Installation of the bridge-utils package if bridging is used. (Daniel Werdermann) Added the SCOPE parameter to network::if::static and network::bridge::static. (flipkick) Added peerdns and check_link_down parameters for dynamic interfaces. (Elyse Salberg) Added […]

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Puppet modules and git master branch

Michael Arnold, 2 months | Source: The Razor's Edge

The events in this post happened 5+ months prior to the posting date. I have been a bit behind on things, but wanted to get this out there. <rant> Here I am minding my own business, testing my modules on Travis-CI and I start to get failures in the rspec tests.  I only updated the […]

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