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Introducing dsc_lite, a new DSC module for Puppet

Claire Cadman, 9 hours, 26 minutes | Source: Puppet Labs

The Puppet dsc_lite module is a lighter weight version of our supported dsc module — with the new ability to add custom DSC resources without our compilation steps.

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2018 Puppet User Survey

Eric Sorenson, 1 day, 3 hours | Source: Puppet Labs

Participate in the 2018 Puppet User Survey and for each response, we’ll donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Tip of the Week 64 - A wholistic DevOps approach

Anonymous, 2 days, 23 hours | Source: Example 42

“DevOps is the collaboration of Developers and Operations to allow faster deployments.” This is a wording we usually hear from customers, technical staff and managers. But is this really everything? This posting will explain why DevOps does not only have a purely technical implication but also affects any other company departments. DevOps at technical level The DevOps movement was first mentioned somewhen back in 2007. In this time it was really a purely two department collaboration and communication procedure which had its roots in agile development. As development was pushing out releases faster, there was a need for IT Ops ...

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What’s new from the Puppet modules team: February 2018 edition

Davin Hanlon, 1 week, 1 day | Source: Puppet Labs

The modules team has been busy in February — from pdk convert to Puppet Strings and more.

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Tip of the Week 63 - Puppet Control Repo change impact scenarios

Anonymous, 1 week, 2 days | Source: Example 42

A Puppet control-repo is usually the place where most of the Puppetteer activities are done. This is especially true if we keep our Hieradata and local profiles in the control-repo git repository, rather than maintaining them in separated git repos, as external modules. We always wonder (well, we should) what might be the impact of a change on the control repo on the managed infrastructure. This might be an issue espectially for who is learning Puppet, Hiera and the local interactions. Here we try to summarize the possible impacts on changes on different files, underlying that every mileage may vary ...

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International Women’s Day at Puppet

Tanya Webb, 1 week, 6 days | Source: Puppet Labs

Celebrating the achievements and success of some of Puppet’s incredible female employees.

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Tip of the Week 62 - Using catalog diff to check refactoring

Anonymous, 2 weeks, 2 days | Source: Example 42

Note: This is an updated version of the Tip of the Week 4 - Existing code and Puppet 4 dealing with octocatalog-catalog diff only. General Refactoring Puppet code is a task which we usually have to do, especially when being at a customer with Puppet code with a long history. There are several reasons for refactoring: Adopt to new best practices Migrate from Hiera config v3 to Hiera config v5 Restructuring code to allow better code management But how can you verify that the refactoring was done properly, so no changes on systems occur? This is where catalog diff tools come ...

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Tip of the Week 61 - DevOps and the permanent learning pattern

Anonymous, 3 weeks, 2 days | Source: Example 42

DevOps engineers, DevOps teams, DevOps academies. Everybody sees new stuff appearing reusing the same wording again and again. Do we really have DevOps engineers? What responsibilities, tasks, expertise does a DevOps engineer have? DevOps engineers and academies First: there is no DevOps engineer, no DevOps teams, no DevOps academy. DevOps is a culture on how to build a community of trust and engagement, breaking silos by enabling cross team communication. But every IT technical job is not purely culture only. Next to learning how to communicate with others, it is highly important to also expand technology skills. New toolings Over ...

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10 years of Puppet… and counting

Raphaël Pinson, 3 weeks, 6 days | Source: Camptocamp Blog

In 2015, Puppet celebrated its 10th anniversary. At Camptocamp, Puppet has totally revolutionized our way of doing systems administration!

Cet article 10 years of Puppet… and counting est apparu en premier sur Camptocamp.

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Free Puppet Webinar on March 13, 2018

camptocamp, 4 weeks | Source: Camptocamp Blog

Join our Puppet webinar and delve into fully tested dockerized Puppet Infrastructure.

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Self-documenting Puppet modules with puppet-strings

rnelson0, 3 months, 2 weeks | Source: RNELSON0

Documentation is hard. Anyone who has been in IT long enough will have tales of chasing their tails because of incorrect or outdated docs, or even missing docs. Documentation really benefits from automation and ease of creation. For Puppet modules, there exists a tool called puppet-strings that can help with this. There are probably other […]

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Automatic renewal of Puppet Certificates

Raphaël Pinson, 3 months, 4 weeks | Source: Camptocamp Blog

Everyone who has been using Puppet with a self-signed CA for more than 5 years knows that dreaded time: the time when the CA must be renewed.

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Open Source Summit, Paris

camptocamp, 4 months | Source: Camptocamp Blog

A major event of the Free and Open Source industry in Europe, the Paris Open Source Summit is the international echo chamber for the multiple contributions of Free and Open Source to current and future digital revolutions.

Cet article Open Source Summit, Paris est apparu en premier sur Camptocamp.

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Managing multiple puppet modules with modulesync

Dean Wilson (, 4 months, 1 week | Source: Dean Wilson@UnixDaemon

With the exception of children, puppies and medical compliance frameworks managing one of something is normally much easier than managing a lot of them. If you have a lot of puppet modules, and you’ll eventually always have a lot of puppet modules, you’ll get bitten by this and find yourself spending as much time managing supporting functionality as the puppet code itself.

Luckily you’re not the first person to have a horde of puppet modules that share a lot of common scaffolding. The fine people at Vox Pupuli had the same issue and maintain an excellent tool ...

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Upgrading Puppet Enterprise from 2016.4 to 2017.3

rnelson0, 4 months, 1 week | Source: RNELSON0

Over the past year, there have been some pretty big improvements to Puppet. I am still running PE 2016.4.2 and the current version is 2017.3.2, so there’s lot of changes in there. Most of the changes are backwards-compatible, so an upgrade from last November’s version is not quite as bad as it sounds, and I […]

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Copyleft is Dead. Long live Copyleft!

purpleidea, 5 months | Source: The Technical Blog of James

As you may have noticed, we recently re-licensed mgmt from the AGPL (Affero General Public License) to the regular GPL. This is a post explaining the decision and which hopefully includes some insights at the intersection of technology and legal issues.


I am not a lawyer, and these are not necessarily the opinions of my employer. I think I’m knowledgeable in this area, but I’m happy to be corrected in the comments. I’m friends with a number of lawyers, and they like to include disclaimer sections, so I’ll include this so that I blend in ...

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Retrospec - the Task Generator

Anonymous, 5 months, 1 week | Source: Logical thoughts exposed

Puppet introduced Bolt at Puppetconf 2017 this year and so far I like what I see. Simple, easy to use remote task execution without a huge requirement of any one language. Best of all puppet modules can start adding one off bolt tasks to help with the administrative duties of various applications. Bolt makes it really easy to get started but adds some required scaffolding to create a properly defined task, namely the metadata file.

One of the use cases of retrospec puppet is to build out this scaffolding for you with the many generators it has. So starting with ...

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The Choria Emulator

R.I. Pienaar, 5 months, 1 week | Source: R.I.Pienaar -

In my previous posts I discussed what goes into load testing a Choria network, what connections are made, subscriptions are made etc.

From this it’s obvious the things we should be able to emulate are:

  • Connections to NATS
  • Subscriptions – which implies number of agents and sub collectives
  • Message payload sizes

To make it realistically affordable to emulate many more machines that I have I made an emulator that can start numbers of Choria daemons on a single node.

I’ve been slowly rewriting MCollective daemon side in Go which means I already had all the networking and connectors available ...

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Puppet 5 Beginner's Guide (third edition)

John Arundel, 5 months, 3 weeks | Source: Bitfield Consulting

Order your copy now on (

A new book on Puppet for the cloud-native era

A new edition of the bestselling Puppet Beginner’s Guide is now available, covering all the latest features of Puppet 5. Learn Puppet from scratch, from installation to managing complex infrastructures, including chapters on managing Amazon AWS cloud resources and Docker containers with Puppet. Every code example is available right now online in a special GitHub repo just for this book. There is also a complete, working Puppet infrastructure for you to download, adapt, and use on your own servers.

Praise ...

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Load testing Choria

R.I. Pienaar, 6 months | Source: R.I.Pienaar -


Many of you probably know I am working on a project called Choria that modernize MCollective which will eventually supersede MCollective (more on this later).

Given that Choria is heading down a path of being a rewrite in Go I am also taking the opportunity to look into much larger scale problems to meet some client needs.

In this and the following posts I’ll write about work I am doing to load test and validate Choria to 100s of thousands of nodes and what tooling I created to do that.


Choria builds around the NATS middleware which ...

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