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Tip of the Week 3 - The optimal hiera.yaml

Anonymous, 11 hours, 37 minutes | Source: Example 42

Yes, we are cheating. There’s not a single optimal hiera.yaml file to configure Hiera in the perfect way for any infrastructure. As usual different infrastructures may need different approaches and have different preferences on how and where to store data. Here we are going to give a few suggestions on what could be common use cases. The backend Hiera supports several different backends (here is a more complete list) where to store data. Unless you don’t have specific needs or preferences, you will generally use a file based backend, as yaml and json. Also, you will probably ...

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Automating Puppet tests with a Jenkins Job, version 1.0

rnelson0, 3 days, 11 hours | Source: RNELSON0

As I’ve worked through setting up Jenkins and Puppet (and remembering my password!), I created a job to automate rspec tests on my puppet controlrepo. I am sure I will go through many iterations of this as I learn more, so we’ll just call this version 1.0. The goal is that when I push a […]

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Meet RubyMine, the new Puppet IDE on the block

Ben Ford, 3 days, 21 hours | Source: Puppet Labs

RubyMine is an advanced Ruby development environment. Now it's adding Puppet features, with intelligent code completion and dependency management.

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IT must master change to accomplish digital transformation

Molly Hinrichs, 4 days, 20 hours | Source: Puppet Labs

IT teams have fewer resources & larger demands, making it more difficult & even more necessary to get great at managing change. #DigitalTransformation

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Upgrading Puppet OpenSource Agents with puppet_agent and jlambert121/puppet

rnelson0, 4 days, 21 hours | Source: RNELSON0

Last week, I discussed how to upgrade your Linux and Windows Puppet Enterprise agents with puppet_agent. Today, we will look at two different ways to upgrade your Puppet OpenSource agents, first with puppet_agent and then with jlambert121/puppet. There are many other modules that you can use to manage puppet, some of which offer similar functionality […]

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Tracking Puppet agent status with Puppetboard

rnelson0, 5 days, 13 hours | Source: RNELSON0

I manage about 15 VMs in my home lab with OpenSource Puppet. Unlike Puppet Enterprise, there’s no Console to help you determine when agents stop checking in or encountering any problems applying their catalog. With only 15 agents it’s not a huge problem, but it always rears its head at the worst time. I decided […]

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Ready to migrate to Puppet Enterprise? You’re not alone.

Stephanie Stouck, 6 days, 20 hours | Source: Puppet Labs

Migrate to the latest Puppet & protect your long-term infrastructure investments. We have services to help you.

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Tip of the Week 2 - Anatomy of a Puppet control-repo

Anonymous, 1 week | Source: Example 42

For years Puppeteers have struggled to find a way to organize their Puppet code to manage their infrastructures in an optimal way, following the evolution of Puppet itself and its ecosystem. Many different approaches were taken, some worked better, some worse, but there was no single, common approach. Now things are different. There are established tools to manage Puppet data (Hiera), deployment of external modules (r10k or Librarian Puppet) and a standard place where to place everything (directory environments). A Puppet control-repo is a [git] repository that contains the files you expect to have in your directory environment which provide ...

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Learn about Puppet module releases – via email!

rnelson0, 1 week, 2 days | Source: RNELSON0

We’ve all found ourselves anxiously awaiting a new module release of our favorite puppet module on the forge. It might be coming down the pipe today, next month, or who knows when, but you’re going to need it as soon as it’s released. The forge fairly recently announced an RSS feed per module. You can […]

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Aliza Earnshaw, 1 week, 2 days | Source: Puppet Labs

Puppet supports infrastructure as code & other DevOps practices, which in turn support billions of transactions per day at

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Ten minute hacks: Process pause & resume

purpleidea, 1 week, 3 days | Source: The Technical Blog of James

I’m old school and still rocking an old X220 laptop because I didn’t like the new ones. My battery life isn’t as great as I’d like it to be, but it gets worse when some “webapp” (which I’d much rather have as a native GTK+ app) causes Firefox to rev my CPU with their websocket (hi gmail!) poller.

This seems to happen most often on planes or when I’m disconnected from the internet. Since it’s difficult to know which tab is the offending one, and since I might want to keep that tabs ...

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Tip of the Week 1 - One-liner to install Puppet 4

Anonymous, 2 weeks, 1 day | Source: Example 42

New year, new challenges. At example42 we continuously develop Puppet solutions but we seldomly take the occasion to talk about them. We’ve decided, starting today, to publish every week a blog post with tips and infos about Puppet, DevOps, Automation and what we do with it. Since the 31st of December 2016 Puppet 3 has reached its End Of Life, so we think it’s a good occasion to begin the new year and our journey with how to install or upgrade Puppet 4. If you want it on Linux you can follow the official documentation or you can ...

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Choria Playbooks

R.I. Pienaar, 3 weeks | Source: R.I.Pienaar -

Today I am very pleased to release something I’ve been thinking about for years and actively working on since August.

After many POCs and thrown away attempts at this over the years I am finally releasing a Playbook system that lets you run work flows on your MCollective network – it can integrate with a near endless set of remote services in addition to your MCollective to create a multi service playbook system.

This is a early release with only a few integrations but I think it’s already useful and I’m looking for feedback and integrations to build ...

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An update on my Choria project

R.I. Pienaar, 1 month | Source: R.I.Pienaar -

Some time ago I mentioned that I am working on improving the MCollective Deployment story.

I started a project called Choria that aimed to massively improve the deployment UX and yield a secure and stable MCollective setup for those using Puppet 4.

The aim is to make installation quick and secure, towards that it seems a common end to end install from scratch by someone new to project using a clustered NATS setup can take less than a hour, this is a huge improvement.

Further I’ve had really good user feedback, especially around NATS. One user reports 2000 nodes ...

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Send/Recv in mgmt

purpleidea, 1 month, 1 week | Source: The Technical Blog of James

I previously published “A revisionist history of configuration management“. I meant for that to be the intro to this article, but it ended up being long enough that it deserved a separate post. I will explain Send/Recv in this article, but first a few clarifications to the aforementioned article.


I mentioned that my “revisionist history” was inaccurate, but I failed to mention that it was also not exhaustive! Many things were left out either because they were proprietary, niche, not well-known, of obscure design or simply for brevity. My apologies if you were involved with Bcfg2, Bosh, Heat ...

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A revisionist history of configuration management

purpleidea, 1 month, 2 weeks | Source: The Technical Blog of James

I’ve got a brand new core feature in mgmt called send/recv which I plan to show you shortly, but first I’d like to start with some background.


This is my historical perspective and interpretation about the last twenty years in configuration management. It’s likely inaccurate and slightly revisionist, but it should be correct enough to tell the design story that I want to share.

Sometime after people started to realize that writing bash scripts wasn’t a safe, scalable, or reusable way to automate systems, CFEngine burst onto the scene with the first real solution ...

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Discovering Puppet with Learning Puppet VM

Melinda Kiss, 1 month, 2 weeks | Source: OlinData

When I joined to Olindata as a junior MySQL DBA I only had a vague idea about how Puppet, this open-source configuration management tool works in reality. I never really worked with a system like that, so I have been asked if I can learn it with Puppet Learning VM, which you can download from the following link here. This post is about how to set it up and what challenges you might encounter in this journey.

First of all let’s see the necessary tools/programs/requirements to set up Puppet Learning VM on your computer.

  • A computer with ...

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How we configure services: ibox types

admin, 1 month, 4 weeks | Source: Immerda Techblog

As previously mentioned we are using the ibox project as a way to refactor, modernize and share our automation setup with other interested folks. As we are looking back to around 10 years of automating our services using puppet, there might one or the other place where it’s time to do such a refactor. So this whole project is a slow but steady process to make our plans happen: That we – internally, but also others – are able to replicate parts of our infrastructure on a local environment to easily renew, improve, debug or extend it.

Since our last posting ...

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PuppetConf 2016 – External Data in Puppet 4

R.I. Pienaar, 2 months, 1 week | Source: R.I.Pienaar -

I recently gave a talk at PuppetConf in San Diego covering the new Lookup feature in Puppet 4, you can see the video below.

The slides for this talk can be seen below:

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Puppet Query Language

R.I. Pienaar, 2 months, 2 weeks | Source: R.I.Pienaar -

For a few releases now PuppetDB had a new query language called Puppet Query Language or PQL for short. It’s quite interesting, I thought a quick post might make a few more people aware of it.


To use it you need a recent PuppetDB and as this is quite a new feature you really want the latest PuppetDB. There is nothing to enable when you install it the feature is already active. The feature is marked as experimental so some things will change as it moves to production.

PQL Queries look more or less like this:

nodes { certname ...

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